At J.D. Frost & Company, we believe you deserve a guide to help navigate the financial uncertainty that constantly attacks your businesses and family. Our accounting firm takes a holistic approach, which means that there are no tax surprises that can commonly result from things like having a family, owning multiple businesses, or holding investments. As your financial advisor, we refuse to use confusing accounting jargon. You’ll hear simple-to-understand solutions focused on growing what’s most important and limiting the things that challenge you.

We’ve even translated that to how we bill clients. Our transparent pricing model means that you know what you’ll get, when you’ll get it, and how you’ll be charged, because we’d rather serve you than a time clock. 

J.D. Frost & Company helps you take your business to the next level by taking away the accounting, assurance, and financial hurdles that can limit your financial well being. We replace them with an innovative, repeatable, and focused plan to accomplish your goals. 

We are the CPA Chattanooga knows and the firm the country trusts.

"I have been totally impressed with JD Frost and Co. I am most intrigued with a total accounting practice to include a lifetime of reducing income taxes. Most CPA firms focus on reducing current tax bills, postponing them to a future with an undetermined rate. If a lifetime of an unknown tax burden is of concern to you, I recommend you check out this first class organization.

      — Tom Love, The Breakaway League

Our Mission

To revolutionize the accounting industry for our clients, employees, and partners.  

J.D. Frost & Co
J.D. Frost & Co

Our Core Values

1.) Company Profits

2.) Accountability

3.) Success Through Structure and Fundamentals

4.) Happiness

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