Audited or reviewed financial statements are usually the result of a third party’s requirements. Often, it is hard to determine the value of this type of service internally.

It is our firm’s goal to provide more substantial value in the assurance process.

Switching our accounting to J.D. Frost & Company was the best decision we made. They are proactive and provide us with a great service that we have not experienced with other accounting firms. We are a new business that experiences many different issues and J.D. Frost & Company helps us develop strategies to deal with these daily.
— Shane Hendrix, Name Tag Country

We will design an approach to focus on your specific needs, as well as review historical information to provide you with valuable trend analysis and analytics to help you make management decisions going forward. We will invest time analyzing and understanding your industry during our planning process and audit completion, which will provide valuable benchmarks for your business. By understanding your business, we can often provide ways to improve cash flow, improve business practices, and help save money on inefficiencies that we may discover during our fieldwork. As a part of our professional excellence, we provide these ideas in writing to you at the conclusion of assurance services rendered. This practice separates us from most accounting firms.