Fixed - Price Accounting

Fixed-price accounting

Value, transparency and service over watching the clock

At J.D. Frost & Company, we prefer to think of ourselves as trusted advisors instead of numbercrunchers. That is why we made the switch from hourly billing to a fixed-priced model. Billing at an hourly rate creates an incentive to spend more time on projects than necessary and can deter a client from seeking advice when they need it. Have you ever avoided picking up the phone to talk over an issue because you knew the clock was running? Fixed-pricing eliminates this disincentive and shifts the focus to the value we provide. A survey done several years ago by the Sleeter Group ranked what small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) want from their CPA. It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that ranked behind expertise and responsiveness, SMB’s want “proactive strategic advice.” What business doesn’t want a partner who can provide valuable insights to help increase efficiencies and grow their business? Yet, of the 85% surveyed who want a strategic relationship with their accountant, only 24% say they receive it. We're out to change that. While increasing the value of our services is the top reason we made the shift, fixed-pricing also increases transparency which helps build trust. And trust is essential to building a strong relationship with our clients. Our transparent pricing model means that you know what you’ll get, when you’ll get it, and how you’ll be charged, because we’d rather serve you than a time clock. Our fixed pricing model is broken down into various packages to fit your business and personal needs. We offer packages to accommodate any aspect of your business including bookkeeping, payroll, tax return preparation, tax planning, marketing, business consulting and recruiting. Take your business to the next level and give us a call to discuss fixed pricing. We want to be your most trusted advisor, not just a firm that does your taxes.