Key Elements to a Healthy and Happy Work Environment

Work environment directly impacts productivity and employee satisfaction. We all know this, right? But have you ever stopped to consider the key elements that build a truly healthy work environment?

A healthy work environment promotes positivity and open communication lines, as well as trust among the team. Employees are empowered by a collaborative atmosphere and the core values of the organization. Positive energy is contagious. And positive and happy employees are motivated employees.

Even the physical environment we work in influences productivity. Many office spaces are sectioned or closed off. Creating a team-centered, open office with ample natural light encourages collaboration in the natural flow of the day and immediately increases the overall energy of employees. If you successfully create a quality and comfortable office environment, you will be able to feel the energy as soon as you walk in the door!

It’s easy for the weight of important work responsibilities to impact your staff’s mindset and emotional wellbeing. During certain times, your team may spend more hours at the office than at home. Your team deserves a warm, welcoming physical environment and supportive leaders, especially during those long days, so both productivity and employee satisfaction remain high.

Employee wellbeing and work environment must be a daily priority. Company leaders should maintain a consistent focus on:

o   open and respectful communication between leadership and staff,

o   demonstrating gratitude for jobs well done and committed team members,

o   hiring processes that ensure the right fit for both the company and prospective employee,

o   placing an emphasis on professional development,

o   trusting team members to make good decisions with autonomy,

o   empowering staff to achieve their goals while supporting work-home balance,

o   encouraging emotional, mental and physical health, and

o   facilitating collaboration and connectedness.

Employee productivity is the foundation of the success of your business. Make creating a healthy work environment a part of your core values. It will yield benefits for you, your employees and your clients.