What Sets Us Apart From the Rest??

This is a question we get asked often. Our response? “How much time do you have?”

There are a ton of different contributing factors to our significant growth over the last 18 months and our reputation as a stand out in the accounting industry.

 Our pricing system, products, services, and marketing is like no other firm. We do tax planning and have systems and structure in place that makes us like no other accounting firm in the country. One of our main focuses is helping other companies grow! We do this by being proactive and providing proactive solutions for the entrepreneurs we work with on a daily basis.

 We actually make accounting fun and show clients how they can make money utilizing a good, solid relationship with their accounting firm. We have an experienced, creative team that takes time to learn about and personally get to know the companies we are working with and create strategies that make them money through taxes and growing their revenue. We help business owners not only understand their accounting, but also how they can use that to build their business and not just report for them. We’ve made it our mission to stay as far away from “traditional accounting” as possible and focus on being the new CPA firm that everyone wants to work with!

 We are successfully achieving this! The proof is in the numbers. We close 80% of our new business because we are focused on building and maintaining close relationships with our clients through both face to face interaction and the use of social media.  We use social media to its fullest advantage daily. We want to be very transparent and give our clients full access to what we are working on here at the firm. Social media has played a really big role in our growth. To sum it up, our entire team and approach to accounting is what sets us apart!  Be sure you’re following us on all social media channels to keep up with us! @frostcpas and @jdfrost.today