Our Best of the Best Ballot


Chattanooga's favorite contest is back and we're excited! Anyone who has any competitive streak gets a lot of joy out of this yearly event. While some dismiss it, I'm placing a special emphasis on Best of the Best this year for three reasons. 

  1. Our Clients- We might be biased, but we believe our clients offer some of the best services and products in the world! We're incredibly proud of each of you and we're honored to serve you. We want you to win!
  2. Our Team- I have no doubt in my mind that the team at J.D. Frost and Company is among the best in the industry. I want to win Best Accountant because I want that visible stamp of approval for their efforts. If we've served you well, we'd not only appreciate your vote, but we'd appreciate you giving us a five-star rating on Google My Business! 
  3. Our Company- We've got a growth mindset! Winning Chattanooga's Best of the Best Accountant will provide J.D. Frost and Company with new opportunities to meet businesses, families, and individuals that we can serve. We would be honored by your vote! 

Here's who's got our votes so far. If we've missed you, let us know. Voting is still open and I'd love to add you!

- Jonathan Frost

J.D. Frost and Company- 


Johnson Audiology- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/111212647

North Georgia Heat and Air- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/106847097


Rivertech Heat and Air- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/111215518

Chattanooga Home Inspector- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/105904314

Emily Lester Photography- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/106830486

Hullco- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/110241910

Huck and Peck- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/107423337

Dexter White Construction- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/107062980


Kinston Southern Properties- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/106114400 

Bill Hullender- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/107232545

Linda Brock- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/111206564


Ryan King- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/108292663

First Things First- https://consumers.secondstreetapp.com/og/2156d8c6-a346-462f-ae36-8d27cdb2ca4e/gallery/105946041