Breaking Down Our Values


Everyone has values. The things that drive us, direct us, influence our decisions. Values dictate what is personally important to us in life, but they can (and should) also be applied in business. What does your business stand for? Why do you do what you do? What makes you different from other businesses? Core values answer these questions and provide your clients with qualities they can relate to. Defining values humanizes your business so that it can connect with clients on a more meaningful level.

Here at J.D. Frost & Company, we want to foster a trustworthy relationship with our clients rather than just a standard, cold business transaction. We want you to understand what guides us in business and why we do things the way we do. We also want to give our employees a means with which to make decisions and guide their actions. Our core values are important to us because they are the essence of our company.

Customer Service

This is listed as our first value for a reason. We are a service company, and if we can’t achieve excellence in this category, our other actions are meaningless. It goes back to the effort of fostering trust amongst our employees and the clients they serve. When you work with our professionals, they will make every effort to ensure your needs are met and exceeded. We want your experience with J.D. Frost & Company to be not only painless, but also enjoyable. By applying this value, we strive to make our clients’ lives easier.

Technical Competency

Technical competency refers to the skills and areas of knowledge used within our specific industry. Our employees are required to uphold this value by constantly learning and improving upon the techniques they already know. We strive to develop competency through training, informational seminars, provided webinars and courses, etc. We ensure that our staff has every resource with which to improve their own skills and, most importantly, to serve our clients. This way, we can be confident that we have the best team working for us, and you can too.  

Whole Life Success

At J.D. Frost & Company, we don’t just encourage a work-life balance, we recognize it as a value. Everyone wants to be successful, but there are many different definitions of the notion. For us, we think success should be measured in its totality rather than its division. By this we mean that we want our clients and staff to achieve success in all aspects of their lives, both personal and professional. True success doesn’t exist in isolation; it encompasses your whole life. 

Cultivate a Positive Attitude (No Negativity Allowed)

Our fourth value is reflected in our work culture, and it is a quality that we try to exhibit to our clients, as well. With the right attitude, every work day can be improved. While this value may be one of the more difficult to constantly uphold, making a conscious effort to cultivate a positive work environment is important to us. Our employees are encouraged to recognize when negativity is starting to seep into their thoughts and change their mindset. The power of attitude is everything.  

Make a Profit and Generate Cash

Perhaps our most quintessentially corporate value, making a profit is the goal of any business. We add it to our list of core values because it is the underlying motivation for many other actions, and we recognize this. We are always working toward a more successful, profit-making business, and we use our other values to achieve it. The other very important aspect of recognizing this goal is that we apply it to every client we serve. We know that you value making a profit and generating cash in your business, and our services are implemented to help you do that.