Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Business Coaching

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Business Coaching

Drive. Grit. Risk-taker. Problem-solver. These attributes, common among entrepreneurs and

many business leaders, undoubtedly play a critical role in growing a business. But what else

might it take to realize success? Entrepreneurs’ desire for independence can certainly be a

driving force. While the courage to go it alone can lead to progress, often success is best

achieved with the guidance of a trusted business coach.

Business coaches use their skills, experiences and proven strategies to help others reach their full

potential. Small business owners and corporate executives alike are increasingly utilizing

business coaches as a method of professional development. According to consulting firm Korn

Ferry (formerly Hay Group), 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies are now working with

executive coaches. These companies recognize something very important: leaders can improve

productivity, increase job satisfaction and create greater value within their businesses by working

with a coach to learn and implement best practices.

Learn from their experiences and proven strategies

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! An effective coach is typically also an entrepreneur and

business leader with proven success strategies. Building a business is a challenge for even the

most competent entrepreneur. Learn how to meet those challenges from a seasoned business

leader, who faced the same roadblocks and continued to press forward. Find a coach who can

guide you through best practices and steps that will grow your business.

Personal growth

Many coaches help their clients both professionally and personally. We all know our personal

and professional lives are never completely separate. Success at work influences who you are at

home, and the same goes for failure. A coach helps you balance both. An objective observer

can spot behavioral patterns that keep you from realizing healthy balance.

Save time and money

If you’re hesitant to pay for coaching services, consider this. The first thing most coaches do is

point out areas of your business where you could be saving money. Instead of wasting time with

trial and error, save time and money with a coach who can help you see the stumbling blocks

down the road and identify inefficiencies.


As a business leader, you’re at the top of the chain of command and often thinking of big picture,

long-term goals. This can isolate you from constructive feedback, distract you from focusing on

needed improvements and leave you holding everyone other than yourself accountable. It’s easy

to get so caught up in your own busyness that you aren’t really accomplishing anything. A coach

can confront you when you’re unproductive and hold you accountable.

Networking opportunities

Business coaches serve as a direct link between their clients. By being a member of an exclusive

club or attending coaching conferences, you have networking opportunities with other

professionals and can make connections that can lead to growth.

Find the right coach

Your business coach must be someone you trust to advise and guide you. When looking for the

best fit, do some research. Ask your professional network for recommendations. You might

consider attending a conference to hear from a coach firsthand. Get to know a prospective coach

as much as possible before bringing them in.

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