Don’t Do Your Own Taxes


It’s almost Tax Day, and if you haven’t already done so, you need to do your taxes. Nothing like waiting until the eleventh hour! You might think that at this point, you’re better off just doing your own taxes. After all, you can buy some fancy do-it-yourself software to help save you time and money. Even better, they’re offering a free trial! You might even have the best filing system and know exactly where to look as you fill in your return. Perhaps you are old school and do it by hand. After all, you can run your business, so your business tax return shouldn’t be THAT much different, right?

Don’t do it! Don’t do your own taxes. Don’t use TurboTax or whatever software you think will shave minutes and dollars off. And NEVER do your taxes by hand. You’re going to miss something. You might even file it incorrectly. You certainly won’t be able to maximize your benefits. The last thing your business needs is a tax problem in the middle of your year. Here are three reasons you should allow a pro to do your taxes for you.

1.    You Weren’t Trained on This

It’s not that we don’t trust you, this is just not what you were trained for. We know how to create tax planning and prepare returns. We know what to look for and have received significant training on tax law. You could get close based on your own knowledge and a quick internet search, but do you really want to take that risk?

2.    You don’t need to run the risk

Every second away from your business and is time that your attention is taken away from your employees and your growth. You also run the risk of misfiling, missing deductions, and neglecting certain areas of the new tax legislation. Can you answer all the questions on your return with complete confidence? If your answer is no, then you’re making a risky move by filing your business’s taxes yourself. Get security and peace of mind that professionals are handling your taxes with thorough and thoughtful care.

3.    You need a support system

The United States tax system is complicated, particularly the new tax law. The laws and procedures are always changing, even now. You need someone else who will have your back in filing your taxes. Let us put eyes on your taxes and check everything thoroughly. We’ll provide you with a thorough tax plan to help you prepare for the largest expense your business will undertake in the entire year.

Why try to do that alone?