Three Ways to Learn to Love to Read


Let’s be honest for a moment. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love to read, and those who read because they have to. We all know someone who seems to go through the bestseller’s list like it’s their second job. With the arrival of ebooks, podcasts, and Audible, we’ve never had more information at our fingertips. If you’re not a huge fan of reading, you also know that to improve in any area means you have to be a continual learner, and that means you have to seek out new information for yourself. If you struggle to get started, or if you’re looking to fall back in love with reading again, here are three ways you can learn to love reading.

Make it more convenient for your schedule and your life.

If you haven’t been to Barnes and Noble lately, you might be completely clueless as to what books and subjects are being released now. Thanks to tablets, phones, and e-readers, it’s never been easier to browse titles and even have books suggested for you. Invest in a Kindle or other e-reader to stay more up-to-date with what’s available to you. If you still love the feel of paper, keep a book in your briefcase so you can find hidden minutes to thumb through a chapter or two. Instead of flipping through Twitter on your lunch break, replace that time with your latest read. If you have a long commute, give audiobooks a shot. 

Make your environment more reader-friendly.

While most of us have no problem finding time to check our phones, sitting down to read has become a chore. Getting in the right mindset is important, but setting up a comfortable environment is just as crucial. Turning off your phone, the TV, and excess noise will help you focus in. Reading in proper light so your screen isn’t the only illumination will help your eyes stay sharp. Even a comfortable chair can make the difference in your reading time. You might even consider getting up a few minutes earlier than the rest of your household so you can have a quiet space to get your mind going before the day begins. It doesn’t have to be a big change. A small modification can make your reading time even more enjoyable.

Write about what you read.

While it might seem like even more of a task, there’s some great research to show that we remember what we read if we take notes or write down a quote that sticks out. Jotting down a few things from your readings keeps your mind engaged in the text. Sharing those notes with others not only helps you comprehend the material better, but it keeps you accountable to stay consistent. You could even find an online book review blog and read through comments or leave one yourself. However you choose to engage with a book outside of its pages, it can have you actually excited for the next book or spark your interest in a new subject.