Work the Plan... Plan to Work!


Legendary pro basketball player (and inspiration for the NBA logo) Jerry West once famously said, “You can’t get very much done in life when you only work on the days when you feel good.” That inspiration has stuck with me deeply through the years, particularly when circumstances have brought me into a rut, whether personally or professionally. The simple reality of life is that in order to be successful anywhere, you must be committed to working hard, even when the going gets tough. 

No one is born a family member. You have to work at it. 

No one is born a good father or mother. You have to work at it. 

No one is born a good businessperson. You have to work at it. 

While were all given certain advantages or disadvantages that others are not, we are each given the opportunity to direct our efforts into the areas in life that we deem most important. That agency is powerful, and the places we choose to direct those efforts will naturally be given the benefit of our thoughts, energy, and expertise. 

Plans are an incredibly powerful part of each of our lives and businesses. Plans help us to identify the areas that need the most work, the places that where we are strongest, and help us aim toward accomplishing the goals that matter most. However, plans are only powerful if you’re willing to put in the work to match your goals, even on the hard days. Here’s the exciting part though: the best things I’ve ever accomplished in life are the result of hard work. The things in my life that I’m proudest of are also some of the things in life that I’ve worked the hardest for. To use a sports metaphor, the joy of the game winning drive is only sweet because of the adversity that the team faced previously. For the rest of this week, recommit yourself to your plans and make sure that if you’re willing to work the plan… Plan to Work!