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J.D. Frost & Company can be a trusted advisor for clients navigating through complex business situations. Your organization may encounter situations that require specific deadlines and time constraints, or you may require expertise that is not a part of your organizational structure. We can deliver strategic planning and personnel to help you in these types of situations. We also deliver services that can help your business grow and move forward.

In the fast paced Real Estate industry I’ve been in for 14 years, I’ve created a company and an environment revolving around building relationships, customer service, and breeding a great culture for my business. The biggest stress I carried on my shoulders everyday was payroll, keeping the books current, tax-planning, and keeping Uncle Sam happy. These tasks kept my day to day life less than satisfied until I was referred Jonathan Frost. What started with a short conversation turned into not just a relief, but a great partnership. Frost CPA’s has become a true extension of my own business. I feel as if they are our own in-house CPA department which not only has made my business more enjoyable, but also more profitable. I truly wish I met this company 14 years ago, but in the 3 years we have been partners I’ve been educated, advised, and supported through all my needs. And if that’s not enough, I actually enjoy their presence. Not many CPA’s would you want to spend any time with outside of business but this company has a culture and the right personalities that you deserve to have on your side.
— Doug Edrington
Berkshire Hathaway Realty Center