The Entrepreneur's Accounting System

All Entrepreneurs are forward thinkers. Every day. Every hour. Every Minute. And yet most of their  advisors are just historians focused on the past. CPA’s are working on cash flow history, banker’s are  focused on profit and payment history, and insurance people are just concerned about your claim history.

We understand that in business, your history must be accurately recorded. But much of the effort and expense is waisted if you are not using it to shape and plan your future.

The Entrepreneur Accounting System is operated specifically for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs. It’s a  6 step process that will assure you know where you have been, but most importantly, give you the confidence to know where you are going and how to get there.

The Six Steps

Step 1)  Becoming a Rainmaker

Are you an Operator or a Rainmaker?   Most business owners are so consumed with operating their business that don’t ever take any time to think.  You must start by spending some time looking at your business from the outside in. Our Rain Maker Coaching program will help you move beyond the roadblocks to more growth and a better quality of life.  

Step 2)  Accounting and Tax Planning

We begin with a complete Accounting and Tax Study to make sure you know where you have been. We will review your bookkeeping to make sure your Profit/Loss statements are accurate and establish some key benchmarks that will help you quickly measure your progress.  

Step 3)  Marketing and Social Media

Today, you must create a brand. This requires being certain about the value of your service, why you provide it, and convey your message with video and social media. JD Frost Media can help you shape your message into a powerful story that will attract the specific client you best serve. 

Step 4)  Business Management

Managing your business can get so overwhelming it can become debilitating.  We will bring a fresh prospective in that our plan works from an outsourcing model.  How can you hire solution providers instead of just helpers that will ultimately bring the problems back to you.  It starts with a clarity of your objective and the discipline to create a model that doesn’t require you to manage it everyday.

Step 5)  Investment Management

Our team was built by investment professionals that operated a successful wealth management practice for over 30 years.  To manage an investment portfolio, you must understand risk management and how your investment decisions impact the liquidity and tax impact in your business.  The Entrepreneur Accounting System will provide you with a clear unbiased overview incidental to our accounting services and not a product salesperson. 

Step 6)  Succession and Estate Planning

We advise our clients with a mindset that they are building their business to sell or ultimately transfer to their heirs, even if that’s not the immediate plan.  Why?  Because “sellable” means that the business doesn’t require you to operate profitably. And, if it’s not sellable, then you own something no one else would buy.

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