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Upcoming Speakers with J.D. Frost & Co.


Micheal Burt

January 17, 2019


Combining his unique background as a former championship-winning high school women’s basketball head coach with an entrepreneurial mindset, Coach Micheal Burt has quickly become the go-to business coach for aggressive-minded companies and individuals in competitive and saturated markets who want to achieve new levels of success.

Coach Micheal Burt has a unique ability to inner-engineer people to win and coach them to realize their deepest human potential. His topics range from sales and business growth, motivation and even faith-based discussions.

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Carl Scaramuzza

January 18, 2019

Carl Scaramuzza founded Credit Blueprint in 2011 with one simple goal: to help people use their credit to build wealth. Since then, he’s been coaching thousands of people on what they need to  start growing their net worth, multiplying their assets and building a strong financial future.

Carl is more than just an entrepreneur and business owner. He’s an example of his own success. Shortly after starting Credit Blueprint, he let his mortgage payments slip in order to build his business, and he lost his house in the process. But, he knew how to leverage his credit scores, access other people’s money and start building his business. Now, he’s exponentially grown his own net worth with a thriving, A+ rated business and he’s become a leading authority in credit and wealth coaching. Carl has helped his clients make $XXX (add in figure here) and he’s ready to help you achieve your own financial freedom.

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Mike michalowicz

March 21, 2019

Mike Michalowicz is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion dollar companies and is the author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and what Business Week deemed the entrepreneurs cult classic, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Mike is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and regularly travels the globe as entrepreneurial advocate.

 Mike is a multi-time speaker for the prestigious TED platform, has published four books that have been translated into over 15 languages, and is a regular 5-star keynote speaker for business associations, entrepreneurial organizations, and corporations. As the editor of Entrepreneur Magazine put it “Michalowicz is rapidly becoming the most innovative business author of our time.”

Watch Mike Michalowicz: Watch Here

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Josh john

May 23, 2019

The best advice Josh ever received was from a man he met on a plane who shared, “Take advice from people who are living the way you want to live.” Since then Josh changed his career from a classically trained professional musician, to teaching yoga, to selling signs, to insurance production, to consulting, and now running an expanding financial strategy team focused on protecting business owners most valuable assets, their team. He runs his life by always looking to the “who” has the desired end game and working backwards. 

Josh trained into the arts of profound communication and listening and builds his career in coaching and negotiation. His ability to extract an opportunity for massive growth emerges with clever patience as he listens to his clients. Paired with aggressive accountability tactics and his ability to teach, his clients’ performance explodes once armed with the verbal and auditory tools to make them extraordinarily effective in the market and in their lives. From increasing sales, to marketing insight, and management/executive communication consulting, Josh disrupts the patterns and challenges his clients to really deal with their words and because he pushes and demands, his clients win BIG. 

He lives in Minneapolis with his fiancé, Kärsten. The two share multiple 3+ hour walks together every weekend (usually about 20,000 steps each weekend day). When not immersed in a book, with a client, on the phone, or on a walk with Kärsten, Josh is a competitive martial arts practitioner and will be testing for his black belt in the coming years in a kenpo karate and Kung Fu.

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