What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is an entity that supports and advises the financial needs of a family group. Acting as their “strategic advisor”, we integrate the coordination and execution of Family Wealth Management strategies involving investments, income taxes,
philanthropic and personal services.

The greatest value of Family Office Services is to coordinate the entire professional disciplines necessary to manage the financial affairs of a family. We understand and facilitate the working relationships between the financial advisor, attorney, tax advisor, insurance consultant, banker, and trust officer. It’s extremely important that everyone on your team understands your Family Wealth Management goals.


  • Busy professionals who don’t have the time to effectively manage their assets.
  • Time required to manage assets takes time away from running your business.
  • Increasing complexity of laws and regulations.
  • Family members want to separate management of their personal financial assets from those of the business.
  • Family has become multi-generational: Each generation’s needs are unique.
  • Growing number of family members require diverse management services.
  • Elderly parents who do not wish to share financial information with their children, yet find it increasingly difficult to manage their financial affairs.


  • What are the family’s core values?
  • What are your long and short term objectives as a family?
  • What are your long and short term investment strategies?
  • What are the goals for your business? What is your exit strategy?
  • Do you have any estate planning?
  • Do you want regularly-scheduled family meetings?
  • How should future generations be educated about values and strategies?
  • What role does philanthropy play in your goals?
  • Do you have a personal and business Net Worth Statement?