What is a Family Office?

J.D. Frost & Co. is a Family Office that provides comprehensive accounting and strategic financial advice for family groups. Our team of experts support your family across a range of financial needs, including:

  • Accounting

  • Taxes

  • Strategic Investing

  • Insurance

  • Philanthropy

  • and personal services

understands the challenges family groups encounter when coordinating financial  executing financial strategies. We s a family group can be challenging without expert support. We provide family wealth management strategies to provide financial advice and support for family groups. We provide strategic advice to strategies to families, executives, and professionals who want a financial advisor to manage and grow their assets. We understand that coordinating and executing a comprehensive wealth management plan and beyond the scope of a single financial advisor.

Your acting “advisor” is a team of professionals and experts from a range of disciplines –

  • Legal

  • Tax

  • Insurance

  • Finance

  • Accounting

  • Philanthropic

Our family office provides tailored wealth management and accounting support for the diverse financial strategies of any family. This centralized management offers planning, as well as day-to-day execution of family affairs.

The strength of our family office is in our dedication to a collaborative and well-coordinated relationship between every family member. Our top concern is operating within a framework dedicated to your family values and goals.


  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, or professionals that do not have the time to manage their assets

  • Those who require a dedicated team to help comply with complicated laws and regulations

  • Members of the family who would prefer to differentiate their personal assets from their businesses

  • Growing and multi-generational families who have unique financial management needs

  • Parents who are interested in shielding their personal assets from their children


Our team will:

  • Evaluate the values and needs of the family

  • Determine both short-term and long-term financial goals

  • Determine both short-term and long-term investment strategies

  • Identify the overarching goals of your family business and exit strategy

  • Identify if estate planning is right for you

  • Work with you to schedule consistent family meetings if needed

  • Create a path for younger generations to understand financial family values in the future

  • Set the role of philanthropy in your goals

  • Create both a personal and business Net Worth Statement