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Tax Services

The firm constantly strives to be on the cutting edge of tax legislation in an ever-changing economic environment. Most client relationships begin with tax planning services, as each situation needs personal attention and specific advice. We intend to provide the most up-to-date information relative to federal, state, and local tax issues for our clients. Through this strategic planning and constant communication, we can assess our clients’ needs and become a trusted advisor.


Assurance Services

Audited or reviewed financial statements are usually the result of a third party’s requirements. Often, it is hard to determine the value of this type of service internally. It is our firm’s goal to provide more substantial value in the assurance process.


We will design an approach to focus on your specific needs, as well as review historical information to provide you with valuable trend analysis and analytics to help you make management decisions going forward. We will invest time analyzing and understanding your industry during our planning process and audit completion, which will provide valuable benchmarks for your business. By understanding your business, we can often provide ways to improve cash flow, improve business practices, and help save money on inefficiencies that we may discover during our fieldwork. As a part of our professional excellence, we provide these ideas in writing to you at the conclusion of assurance services rendered. This practice separates us from most accounting firms.


Bookkeeping Services

 No matter the size of your business or your industry, J.D. Frost’s Business Process Outsourcing Services provides you with all of the tools necessary to streamline, expedite, and monitor your business processes. Chattanooga is our home, but our holistic approach to accounting makes J.D. Frost & Co, one of the best bookkeeping firms in the country. Minimize the risk that comes with having an internal accounting department. At the heart of our Business, Processing Outsourcing Services is our extensive and diverse business expertise there to guide you when you need it most. Acting as your bookkeeping and accounting advisors, our team is here for you. From setting up and monitoring your accounts to creating more effective business processes, your dedicated team will provide you with all of the support you need. Our progressive package system lets you decide how much or how little support you want.


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