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The biggest complaint we hear from businesses is that they are not getting the customer service they need. Their accountant is very reactive instead of being proactive to their needs. In addition, they have a difficult time communicating. Because of these issues, they have NO IDEA what is going on with their taxes or business finances and feel lost.
These points are typical differences between most CPA firms and the way JD Frost and Company operates. We are PROACTIVE accountants who work closely with your company to help plan, protect, and grow your business.


These Are Just SOME Of The 60+ Reviews From Our Clients

Web Raulston- Team Title Services


Michael Brandt - Garage Bound, LLC

In just two months JD Frost and Company has done more for my business’ accountability than my previous private party accounting had in two years. With over 30 productive employees within their organization, I feel they have my every need covered to a T! For the first time in three years of business, I have been able to review a set of financials for 2017!

Once my books are caught up, I feel JD Frost and Company will be able to guide me towards my sincere effort of creating sustainable growth ... I sure wish I would have had them from the beginning of Garage Bound, LLC in 2015. I have wasted thousands of dollars for way less business accounting productivity, but feel the best team in Chattanooga is now on my side! Let’s go grow in 2018! Choose JD Frost and Company ... they are a winning team!

Doug Edrington - Chattanooga, TN


Questions That You Want Answered

What is tax planning?
Tax planning is a process where we help you analyze your income and we present tax savings strategies for your specific tax position. Most of the clients we perform tax planning for save an average of 15% on their tax returns just from simply having a plan.

How much does it cost?
We provide you with different levels of fixed price accounting services. For individuals and businesses we have an easy to understand price system that is fixed and not based on the billable hour.

Why do I need to speak with you?
Taxes are the largest burden any taxpayers incur each and every year. Our team is going to educate you on the strategies that will meet your needs for your business or personal tax situation and not only save you money but give you peace of mind.

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